From time to time sermon transcripts are published rather than (or in addition to) sermon recordings. If a recording you want can't be found, browse here to see if a pdf version is available. 

Original Jesus (6) - Jesus - tragic failure? - Sermon by Rev'd David Crofts

'Why is this happening God?' - Parish Lent Course 2018

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'Over coming anxiety' - Rev'd Nick Alexander 15th October 2017 (preached at St Mary's Church)

Why the Reformation Still Matters Series Autumn 2017

Week 2: Sola Christus (In Christ alone) - Rev'd Nick Alexander 24th September 2017

Week 1: Sola Scriptura (“Scripture alone”): The Bible alone is our highest authority - Ian Nurcombe 17th September 2017

Here are the two slide presentations used on Creation Care Sunday (20/8/17) Nick Alexander & Geoff Stratford

Roman's 12: St Peter's - a Compassionate and Clear Church - June 2017

E100 Series

2 Peter 1 - Why read the Bible? Rev'd David Crofts

Luke 24 - From Despair to Joy Rev'd Nick Alexander Feb 2017

Genesis 1   Rev'd Nick Alexander Sept 2016

Genesis 2   Rev'd Nick Alexander Sept 2016

Genesis 3   Rev'd Nick Alexander Oct 2016

Nick Alexander, 30/01/2017